Miss Elwani is a Lifestyle, Health & Beauty brand inspiring women to discover & express their true self.
The brand was founded by a mother daughter team passionate about delivering high quality health & beauty products that are HALAL, Shariah Compliant, safe, natural, and cruelty free where women from all walks of life can experience confidence and results without sacrificing their values or their well being.
Inspired by the co-founder’s nick name, ‘Wani’ and the Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, Rania Elwani; the name Miss Elwani represents women empowerment, being true to yourself and dare enough to go for your dreams.
Just finished her Masters degree in a prestigious Malaysian university, Syazwani Nur Arina in 2020, as our Miss Elwani Ambassador, she is determined to empower other young women her age to go into entrepreneurship through the business opportunity offered by the brand and to prove that being young is the perfect time to start the journey.
Our latest products are Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours  :
Virgin Coconut Oil Blackcurrant
Virgin Coconut Oil Creme Brulee
Virgin Coconut Oil Passion Fruit
Virgin Coconut Oil Strawberry
We call these Virgin Coconut Oil as Longevity Oil. It is an edible oil made from coconut through cold process. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in Lauric Acid known to be beneficial as anti viral anad anti bacterial agent. It helps build up the immune system and it is powerful tool in fighting off immune system diseases.
We also innovated VCO Bar Soap with a different type of packaging usually use by soap product. We got the idea after feedback from our first soap, Clarity bar which no longer produce.
To date, Miss Elwani brand has received various requests to market the product internationally due to its high standard and world class quality and packaging.
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