We would like to introduce our 4 types of Miss Elwani Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours :


  • Strawberry Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Passion Fruit Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Blackcurrant Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Crème Brulee Virgin Coconut Oil


Virgin Coconut Oil is also called ‘Superfood’ because of its many benefits especially for health and beauty. People from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brunei, India, Philippines and Middle East have long practice using virgin coconut oil in their daily lives. Virgin Coconut Oil is famous because many people who have tried feel confident and amazed by its benefits, easy to digest and energized.


Virgin Coconut Oil is produced through Bio Technology Process, that is without the use of external chemicals and do not go through the heating process commonly used to produce coconut oil for cooking use. Virgin Coconut Oil is produced through a natural process of chemical reaction after it is allowed to interact  with natural elements. Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconut, squeezed from fresh coconut filling.


The quality and type of virgin coconut oil is categorized by the way it is process. The best type of virgin coconut oil is using cold pressur method. This method does not contain any chemical ingredients and can maintain its nutritional value.


We innovated 4 types of Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours so that more people can taste, enjoy, try and consume Miss Elwani Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours as their daily health supplement. Due to its attractive smell & taste, Miss Elwani Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours can also be used externally as a makeup remover, lotion, moisturizer, hair treatment and massage oil.


Here are among the benefits of Miss Elwani Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours :


  1. Delay aging & skin wrinkles, moisturise skin and act as skin healing.
  2. Improve brain functions, prevent from alzheimer disease.
  3. Increase energy, act as energy booster.
  4. Reduce stress, prevent high blood pressure.
  5. Keep your hair healthy and easy to maintain.
  6. Stablize cholesterol levels.
  7. Helps improve body metabolism & helps lose weight.
  8. Simplify the process of maternity & increase breast milk for nursing mothers.
  9. Strengthen your teeth and help maintain good breath.
  10. Improve digestive system and help absorb nutrients.


Why is Miss Elwani Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours are different from the others?


  1. Our Vrgin Coconut Oil Flavours are natural base active ingredients.
  2. We enhance the Virgin Coconut Oil taste by introducing food flavours without adding any sugar, preservatives or sweetener.
  3. Our Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours are without active ingredients or drugs.
  4. Miss Elwani Virgin Coconut Oil Flavours, 1 product that can cater multiple health and beauty problems.


How to use it :


Use a plastic spoon to ensure there is no chemical reaction. Take 2 tablespoons, either 2 tablespoons or 1 tablespoon morning & 1 tablespoon evening before eating. Keep at room temperature.


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